Save the old Bank of Boston – UPDATE 2/2012

[UPDATE: February 2012]

The City of Boston passed a local historic preservation ordinance in 2011. With this ordinance in place, most buildings in downtown Boston are now protected through the design review process that is overseen by the Historic Preservation Commission of the City of Boston.  For more information on the rules and regulations, click here.

[Original story follows]

The old Bank of Boston – what became a Texaco station later on – is under threat of demolition…for a future parking lot. Help preserve this important landmark and major scenic element of Boston's charming downtown by contacting Boston's city leaders.

Most of old Boston is designated a National Register Historic District but there are no regulations to prevent demolition of important buildings.  Whereas many would argue that this building is an eyesore, historic photographs prove that the original architecture had character.  Although no photos exist of the old bank, one can imagine how it may have looked and these renderings by architect John Bridges help bridge that imagination gap.

The loss of this building would create an open vista into a parking lot, dramatically altering Boston's downtown charm and appeal to commercial investors. 

The building was sold at a tax sale a few months ago and the holder of the deed is an architect who has a vision of what the building can become.  The future of Boston is linked to the future of this building.  What will happen to the community is up for grabs. 

As someone told me recently, no one ever regretted NOT tearing a building down.  Give the old Bank of Boston a chance! 


Shown below is an image taken from the 1916 Sanborn Fire Insurance Company map of Boston, along with a Key to the image.

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