Naming Opportunities for Metcalfe Streetscape Project

Help the Metcalfe Heritage Society meet the challenge
by raising at least $12,617.75 by November 15, 2012!

Download the Metcalfe Naming Opportunities Form to reserve your street light, bench, bicycle rack, or street tree, or to send in your charitable donation.

Honor your loved ones or ancestors by sponsoring new features to be installed in downtown Metcalfe. Below is a list of items that are needed, their quantities and the sponsorship level for each.

We will contact you to finalize the details of the memorial plaque or signage that will be attached to each fixture.

  • 13 Pedestrian-scale Street Lights
    • $1000 each
  • 15 Street Trees
    • $150 each
  • 4 Benches
    • $500 each
  • 2 Bicycle Racks
    • $250 each

Those of you who were among the nearly 200 who came to the September 16th Open House sponsored by the Judson Butlers at the recently restored 1890 Rushin House know how exciting it is to see results of the preservation efforts in Metcalfe. We have ONE more hurdle in this fundraising course for our preservation effort in downtown Metcalfe, and need your help once again. To review our fundraising efforts, let me remind you of what has happened since fall of last year:

HURDLE ONE: As you know, we secured a $150,000 Dept. of Transportation grant for the revitalization of the downtown to include infrastructure work, streetlights, sidewalks, and such. In order to bring that DOT Grant into action, we have to pay for and hire a consulting, engineering and design firm at the cost of nearly $40,000 to administer the DOT grant.

HURDLE TWO: Toward this end, the local Williams Family Foundation gave us a $35,000 Challenge Grant in November, 2011, to supplement this DOT Grant, specifically to help us raise funds to hire that engineering firm. With the $20,000 raised and their $20,000 challenge paid out this ENGINEERING FIRM is already working for us. HOORAH – HURDLE TWO COMPLETE!

HURDLE THREE: And Now we are looking at the final Hurdle. The DOT Grant does not cover everything we need in this preservation effort for the Metcalfe downtown area – but we have the other $15,000 part of that Williams Challenge Grant to help us out – we have raised some toward that already and now feel we are at a crucial point in this final push toward this revitalization of downtown Metcalfe as we need to complete the challenge grant – for these necessary EXTRAS, not a part of the strict guidelines of the DOT grant…and we need to do this by NOV 15th before the challenge grant expires.

To meet that other $15,000 of the Williams Challenge Grant, considering the amount already raised toward that figure, we need the final push to raise $12,617.75 by Nov 15th. And Hurdle Number Three will be completed. With your help we can make our mutual hopes and dreams for Metcalfe become realities. As a special offering, naming opportunities are possible for some new features that will be installed along Metcalfe Road when the streetscape is improved. These include antique street lights, benches, bicycle racks and other fixtures. Please see the enclosed sponsorship form for more details. Honor a loved one or family member with your gift. Also your gift over $50 will include membership for 2013 in the Metcalfe Heritage Society.

Metcalfe has long held a special place in the hearts and minds of those who have history there. Today there is a renewed focus on making Metcalfe the place it once was and ought to be again. The importance of our work there becomes real time and again when dozens of you attend programs on Metcalfe’s history and its people. There is already a renewed vitality in Metcalfe. The Metcalfe Community Association is active and engaged. Please help us continue to preserve the past and improve the quality of life by making a gift donation or pledge at this time. You will begin to see the real fruits of your investment in Metcalfe when the DOT grant kicks in next spring and summer.

Your support is so important. Won’t you help today?

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