Last Call for Book Underwriters!


book coverLandmarks and The Thomas County Historical Society invite you to demonstrate your commitment to preserving and promoting Thomas County’s heritage as an underwriter of this stunning book celebrating the architecture of our area!


As an underwriter, you will receive:
  • Prominent recognition as an underwriter on one of the first pages of the book
  • Special edition volume(s) with slipcover, signed by the author and photographers
  • Recognition and invitation to a celebratory book signing party

Deadline for underwriter recognition is Friday June 13, 2014

Thank you to our generous underwriters for their support of this project!

John Wind Level
Mrs. Diane W. Parker

John A. Wood Level
Flowers Foods, Inc.
The W.H. Flowers Foundation

Abram Garfield Level
Gilbert P. Shafer, III
MNW Fund of The Williams Family Foundation of Georgia
The Parker Poe Charitable Trust

Tudor Rommerdall Level
Margaret P. and Langdon S. Flowers Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas C. McPherson
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Rich
Gordon E. Speed and Douglas W. Speed
Thomasville National Bank

Milton Grigg Level
Commercial Bank
Marilynn and Randy Rhea
Kimberly Sponaugle, South Eden Plantation
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Weller, Jr.
CNS and City of Thomasville

Delano & Aldrich Level
Archbold Medical Center
Bryant Beadles, Balfour Lumber Company
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Cobb
Mrs. Robert P. Crozer
Sharon Maxwell Ferguson and Howell Ferguson
Andrea and Chip Hancock
Melissa and Vic McMillan
Bill Raiford
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Scovil, III
Mrs. John F. Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Wood

Hubbell & Benes Level
Mr. and Mrs. Joe E. Beverly
Mr. and Mrs. A. Neil Crawford, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Page Crozer, Jr.
Mr. William Flowers Crozer
Downtown Thomasville, Inc.
Pebble Hill Foundation
Robert R. Jinright, Jr.
Lorilee Medders
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O. Olsen
Laura and Mike Shea
Mary Kathryn Sibley
Laurie and Tom Simmons
Stanley F. Smith
Rep. Darlene K. Taylor and Family
Claire and J.K. Thomas

Edward G. Reed Level
Rachel and Frank Beverly
Charnie and Max Beverly
Jane “Sugar” Blount
Dr. and Mrs. William Z. Bridges
Margaret and Trip Brock
Theresa and Joe Brown
Chubb Associates, Ltd. Realtors
Margaret and Oscar Cook
Marthalene Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Flowers
Kathleen Vignos Folsom
Mrs. Louise Mitchell Golden
Susan B. Haberkorn
Dr. and Mrs. Ed Hall
Mr. and Mrs. G. Thomas Harrison
Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Hancock
Michael N. Herndon
Dr. and Mrs. W. Merrill Hicks, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob K. Higgs
Judy and Bill Hoskin
Mr. and Mrs. C. Bradford Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Jefferson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Jinright, Sr.
Ms. Randy Jones in honor of Peggy and Scott Rich
Melinda and Edward Katz
Mary Lawrence and Ashley Lang
Mary Lawrence and Ashley Lang in honor of Lee Alexander Webb
Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Lilly, Jr.
Celia and Allen Lockerman
Kha Thomas McDonald
Ann Gravely McKinnon
Connie Middleton
Mrs. F. Richard Miller
Janell and Mickey Miller
Penny and Cary Newman
Office of Main Street and Tourism
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O. Olsen
Olson Architects, Inc.
Jinanne B. and Robert H. Parrish
Mieke and Scott Rich, Jr.
Joan and Tim Rounds
Mr. and Mrs. F. Adam Rowland
Mr. Brent Runyon
Sandi Shaw & Mark Anderson
Dr. and Mrs. Felix Sibley, Jr.
Mrs. Terrell Singletary
Dr. Terry Smith
Michael J. Stephenson
Mr. and Mrs. S. Brent Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Turner, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Vann
Drs. Brandi and Jesse Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Watt, III
Mr. and Mrs. Wylie Watt, Jr.
Charlie Howard Whitney
Mrs. Sabrina Williams
Mrs. Frank E. Williams
Dr. and Mrs. Darryl Lee Webb
Lee Alexander Webb in honor of Haile and Ben McCollum

2014 Annual Meeting To Be Held on June 17, 2014

Join us for our Annual Meeting  June 17,2014

Join us for our Annual Meeting June 17,2014

Kentucky Derby Party 2014!

Derby for website

Online sales are closed, please purchase tickets at the door.

Join us on May 3, 2014 from 5:30- 11:00 as we celebrate the 140th Kentucky Derby with an evening of dinner, drinks, and dancing at Pebble Hill’s Uno Barn. Tickets start at just $75 and are partially tax-deductible. All sponsors receive recognition on Sponsor Posters at the event .

Mr. Lee A. Webb Named Executive Director of Landmarks

Thomasville Landmarks recently welcomed Mr. Lee A. Webb as the organization’s new Executive Director. Mr. Webb, who took office on December 30, comes to Landmarks with 18 years of experience in historic preservation, serving in positions at the local, state, and federal levels. "We feel like Lee is uniquely qualified to lead our organization into the foreseeable future. His experience and background fit perfectly into the strategic direction the Board has set. We believe that with Lee's help, Thomasville Landmarks,Inc. will continue to be a partner wih the Cty of Thomasville, Thomas Couny and other local governents and individuals to achieve preservation of signficant structures, neigbohoods and communities." – Board President, Tom Harrison

After completing his Master’s degree in Historic Preservation at the University of Georgia, Mr. Webb began his career at the Georgia Historic Preservation Division, serving as both the Tax Incentives Coordinator and the Community Planning Coordinator. Both positions afforded him opportunities to travel to Thomasville to collaborate both with Landmarks and Main Street on both tax incentives and neighborhood revitalization projects.

After a 7 year tenure at HPD, Lee continued his career in Savannah, as the City’s Associate Preservation Officer, working with the Savannah Board of Architectural Review, as well as assisting to update the City’s Height map, creating the Thomas Square Streetcar Neighborhood District, and serving as visual compatibility officer for the Cuyler-Brownsville Historic District. In 2005, Mr. Webb became the Historic Preservation Planning Manager and Principal Planner for the City of Alexandria, Virginia’s Planning Department, managing a professional staff of 5 preservationists, and working with the City’s 2 historic boards of review. During his time in Alexandria, the City hosted a 2-day preservation conference with Mayor Joe Riley of Charleston as keynote speaker, expanded the boundaries of the Alexandria’s Old and Historic District, updated the design guidelines, and coordinated the listing of the Parker- Gray neighborhood on the National Register of Historic Places.

In 2009, Mr. Webb took a newly created position at the Federal Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, serving as the first Liaison to the Department of Energy. Working with DOE, he spearheaded the creation of the first Prototype Programmatic Agreement for 3 DOE weatherization grant programs, that allowed billions of grant funds to be allocated, assisting low-income residents and communities to weatherize properties, while respecting the character of historic resources and neighborhoods.

“I am thrilled and excited to be coming to Thomasville Landmarks as the organization’s next Executive Director. I am grateful for this incredible opportunity to return to Georgia and a community that I admire and love. Thomasville has a rich historic heritage that has been valued and nurtured by its citizens, and I eagerly anticipate joining the Thomasville community. Thomasville’s creative energy and appreciation for its historic buildings and neighborhoods make it a dynamic town, with a tangible sense of place. As we approach the 50th anniversary of Thomasville Landmarks’ establishment, I am looking forward to working with the Landmarks Board and the membership to continue building upon the strong legacy of Landmarks’ great successes, while setting a path for even greater things.”


2013 Annual Membership Picnic

The 2013 Membership Picnic Celebrates Cuba!

Please call if you would like to make a reservation.

2013-2014 Board of Directors

Mr. G. Thomas Harrison, Jr., President of the Board

Mrs. Margret M. Brinson, Vice-President of Membership

Mr. C. H. Whitney, Vice-President of Programs

Mr. W. Clay Campbell, Treasurer

Mrs. Lauren L. Davis, Corresponding Secretary

Mr. William F. Crozer

Mr. Raymond C. Finger

Mrs. Kathleen V. Folsom

Mrs. Donna W. Harvard

Ms. Michelle H. Kimbler

Mrs. Janet S. Liles

Mrs. Josephine L. Mullins

Mrs. Mary Grace Murphy

Rev. Jeremy G. Rich

Mrs. Gina H. Shumake

Mr. Stanley F. Smith

Mr. Stephane R. Ughetto


Ex-Officio Directors

Mayor Max F. Beverly, City of Thomasville

Mr. Mark A. Nesmith, Thomas County Commission


Honorary Directors

Mrs. Harriet W. Hawkins

Mrs. Mercer P. Watt

Dr. H. Ben Grace

2013 Teacher Workshop

Derby 2013 – A Derby to Remember

A Derby to Remember! 

On Saturday, May 4th, close to 300 guests braved the rain to attend this year’s Derby Party Fundraiser at the Uno Hill Barn at Pebble Hill Plantation. Thanks to Co-Chairmen Michele and Stephane Ughetto and their nine committee members, this year’s Derby brought in over $40,000, making it Landmarks’ most successful fundraising event ever!  Guests enjoyed a delicious dinner from Caper’s, sipped mint juleps prepared by Carey Sewell, and danced the night away to Wiser Than Fools. Thank you to everyone who participated!

View our photos on our Facebook Page and Like us to stay up to date for next year!


Everyone’s a Winner at Derby!

Hat Contest Winners: Miss Charlotte R. Mixon, Ms. Alissa B. Shore, Mrs. Victoria W. Wagner

Raffle Winners: Jekyll Island Club Weekend Getaway: Dr. Michael R. Waldrop; Thomasville Party Package: Mr. C. H. Whitney; 50/50 Cash Pot: Mrs. Victoria W. Wagner


To The Derby Committee

Mrs. Margret M. Brinson

Mr. Christopher P. Chubb

Mr. William F. Crozer

Mrs. Stephanie S. Ellis

Miss E. Rebecca Hopkins

Mrs. Reneé Y. Moss

Mrs. Mary Grace Murphy

Mrs. Gina H. Shumake

Mrs. Michele F. Ughetto

Mr. Stephane R. Ughetto

Mrs. Radford T. Whitney

To All Our Generous Sponsors

Title Sponsor

Mr. and Mrs. Alan A. Tucker

Winner’s Circle

Lanigan & Associates

Ms. Diane W. Parker

The Scott Family Fund

Thomas County Federal Savings & Loan


Gold Cup

Archbold Medical Center

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Bicknell, III

Commercial Bank

Mr. William F. Crozer

J. Smith Lanier

Mr. Andrew M. Lybrook, II

Dr. and Mrs. Douglas C. McPherson

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mitchell

Mrs. Mary Kathryn Sibley

Mr. and Mrs. Grant B. Whitney

Mr. T. Lyle Williams, IV

Mr. and Mrs. C. Martin Wood, III

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Wood


Silver Cup

Alexander & Vann, LLP

Astro Pest Control of Thomasville

Mr. and Mrs. Ron L. Arline

Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Balfour, III

Dr. and Mrs. C. L. Bragg, III

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Campbell, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. John B. Carico

Rep. Amy A. Carter

Mr. and Mrs. Russell P. Chubb

Mr. Robert S. Coleman, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Davis, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Matthew Delarber, Jr.

Edward Jones Investments

Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph A. Elzy, Sr.

Farmers and Merchants Bank

Dr. Stephanie and Mr. Neil Fennell

Fletcher and Associates, P. C.

Flowers Baking Company of Thomasville

Mr. and Mrs. Langdon S. Flowers, III

Mrs. Kathleen V. Folsom

Grassroots Coffee

Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Hall

Drs. Kelley and Mark Helquist

Miss E. Rebecca Hopkins

Kevin's Sporting Goods

Mrs. Thomas F. Lear, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. M. Allen Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Leverette

McCollum & Rawlins, LLP

Dr. Barbara and Mr. Eric McCollum

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin W. McCollum

Mrs. Michael D. McCrickard

Drs. Melissa and Victor McMillan

Mr. and Mrs. R. Gordon Mooney, IV

Mr. and Mrs. R. Clayton Moss

Olson Architects, Inc.

Mr. Roy K. Pace, II

Papillon Salon & Spa

Ponder's Office Products & Printing

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rainey

Mrs. Elva L. Rubio and Mr. Scott W. Timcoe

Mr. Brent Runyon

Mr. and Mrs. David C. Scott

Sewell, Morgan & Hilliard, P.C.

Silvis, Ambrose & Lindquist, P. C.

Mr. Stanley F. Smith

South Georgia Spine and Joint Center, LLC

Dr. and Mrs. Brian J. Szwarc

Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Taber

Taco Bell

J. T. Turner Construction Company, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Wager

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Wagner

Wells Fargo Advisors

C. H. Whitney

Mrs. Frank E. Williams

Dr. and Mrs. E. Truman Wright, III


A Special Thank You

Mr. Russ Baches

Mrs. Patti Bannister

Mr. and Mrs. Neil R. Bell

Miss Dominic I. Benigno

Ms. Drucilla F. Bennett

Mr. Thomas Bragg

Mr. John B. Brinson, IV

Mr. T. J. Callaway, IV

Mr. York P. Carter

Mrs. Leanne B. Culbreth

Mrs. Lauren L. Davis

Mrs. Jennifer L. Delarber

Ms. Patti Dozier

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Drake, III

Mr. Brandon L. Godwin

Mr. Wade H. Groover, Jr.

Ms. Susan E. Hall

Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Hamil

Mr. G. Thomas Harrison, Jr.

Mrs. Natalie J. Lacey

Mr. Mark Lastinger

Mr. Andrew M. Lybrook, II

Mr. L. Robert Maxwell

Mrs. Haile P. McCollum

Miss Katie McTigue

Mr. Charles D. Olson

Mr. Michael J. Pozo

Mr. and Mrs. M. Clay Sewell

Ms. Alissa B. Shore

Mr. A. Ramsey Singletary

Mr. Stanley F. Smith

Mrs. Tonia R. Streets

Mr. and Mrs. Alan A. Tucker

Mrs. Victoria W. Wagner

Mr. Chris White

Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Whitney

Mr. and Mrs. C. Martin Wood, III


Ally B Boutique

Brooke and Nicole

Brookwood School

Capers, Inc.

Hicks Clothing, Co.

J's Wine & Spirits

Jekyll Island Club Hotel

Kevin's Sporting Goods

Live Oak Hounds

Lives Without Limits

Loli's Invitations & Things

MiMi's, The Look for Less

Onward Reserve

Pebble Hill Plantation

Ponder's Office Products & Printing

Rose City Outdoor Advertising

Tall Timbers Research Station & Land Conservancy

Tallahassee Photo Fun Booth

Thomasville Antiques Show

Thomasville Center for the Arts

Thomasville Times Enterprise

Town & Country Antiques

W. G. Hamil Pecans

Wiser Than Fools

Work You Love


2012 Preservation Honor Awards

On Thursday, May 9, 2013, Landmarks presented Preservation Honor Awards to each of the property owners listed below. Each year, Landmarks recognizes significant contributions to the preservation and enhancement of historic resources in the Thomas County area. This year, four communities were represented.

The awards are open to projects completed within the last three years. Nominations were reviewed by Landmarks' Awards Committee. To nominate a project, click here.

Special Thanks to Abby Mims for her amazing photography!






Click this map to find each of the 2012 Preservation Honor Award winners. Be sure to zoom out to find those outside Thomasville.

View 2012 Preservation Honor Award Winners in a larger map

Boston Historic Tour April 13, 2013

Mark your calendar for the historic tour of Boston, Georgia — Saturday, April 13, 2013

Boston will be showing why it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places by opening landmark buildings to the public on Saturday, April 13, 2013. The tour will include four homes, a loft apartment, two churches, the 1875 Old Town Hall’s jail cells, and the 1914 Carnegie library.

Local quilt groups, inspired by Thomasville's Flaunt 2012: Upcycle/Downtown Yarn Bombing, are busy making quilt block banners and signs to hang in Boston to promote the tour.  Some of the quilters are also loaning antique quilts for display that day. The Carnegie Library, part of the Thomas County library system, will show vintage photos of the town and showcase books on quilting.  

In the past three months several new businesses have opened in the historic downtown district including three interior shops, a second-hand store, a photography studio, Thomas Drug Stores and the Boston Family Care Clinic. There has also been an upturn in home sales and apartment rentals. Activities such as art parties, Yoga, Zumba, and quilters meetings are attracting new visitors to the old downtown area.

Noting all this initiative to restore vitality and preserve the past, Thomasville Landmarks honored the city of Boston for the establishment of its historic preservation commission at its 2011 annual meeting. Money raised from this tour will be administered by Landmarks for the preservation Boston’s Old Town Hall, circa 1875. This old brick building, currently housing the police department, is in urgent need of restoration. 

Historic Tour tickets are now on sale. The cost is $20 in advance and $25 at the door. Advance tickets will be available at Landmarks' office and at Boston’s City Hall until April 5.  Sponsorship opportunities are also available. For more information call Sandi Shaw at (816) 309-5131.

Tickets may be purchased in advance at Landmarks' office.

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