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How to List a Property

Thank you for listing a property with Thomasville Landmarks! Only one property can be submitted at a time. Each listing will require a separate listing submittal and a separate payment. See below for terms and pricing.

Before listing a property, please have basic information on the property and one photo of the property to upload. We recommend a photo showing the exterior of the building, preferably in JPG format measuring at least 640 (width) x 480 (height) pixels.

If your selection is not indicated or you do not know the answer, leave the field blank and use the Description field to include whatever information you have. Your listing will be reviewed by Thomasville Landmarks’ staff before it is published to the website.

When you submit your listing, you will be directed to PayPal for payment. After your listing is reviewed by Thomasville Landmarks’ staff and your payment has been received, your listing will be published on the website. You will be notified when the listing is published.

Tips to Listing a Property:

  1. Property Address: Use the physical address (example: 312 N. Broad St., Thomasville, GA 31792)

  2. Upload your best exterior photo.

  3. Enter a website where more information and more photos may be found.

  4. If you are uncertain about certain features, use the Description field. Landmarks’ staff will work with you to refine the listing. You may also cut and paste information from elsewhere into the Description field.

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Terms and Prices

Advertising Lifecycle
Real estate advertisements will be posted, at a minimum, for the contract time starting from within five business days of payment received.

Discounts are offered for regular submissions. To receive the frequent advertiser discount, ads must be scheduled at time of payment. Nonprofit organizations and Thomasville Landmarks Corporate Members receive discounts depending on level of membership. Please contact us for more information.

Ad rates effective August 1, 2011




One Month



Three Months



Six Months



12 Months




Featured Listing
There will be no more than 3 featured listings at one time. Featured listings will be shown on the real estate portal, mentioned in emails and other social media, and on the homepage of our website.

Real Estate Ads
To be advertised by Thomasville Landmarks, Inc., a property must be at least 50 years old and on or eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. If you are unsure whether a property is eligible for advertising, please contact our office.

Please note that if you purchase advertising and your property sells before the end of your ad cycle, Landmarks will not issue a refund. The advertisement will be modified to show that the property has “Sold.” Landmarks will issue a credit equal to the value of the ad time you have left (in whole months, minus administrative fees) for future use if arrangements are made at least one month prior to the end of your ad’s cycle. Or, you may substitute a different historic property in the space, with a maximum of one substitution per six months.

Landmarks reserves the right to decline any advertising or to edit for historic/architectural accuracy and style. Real estate advertised is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act. Payment must be received, via PayPal, before the ad will be posted.

Changes to Listing
If at any time you would like to make changes to your listing, email us and we will make them at no additional charge for the first modification. Subsequent changes are subject to administrative fees (other than changes in Property Status, such as when the property is sold).  If you are making substantial text changes, please email the revised document.

Please contact our office with any questions.

The staff and Board of Thomasville Landmarks cannot be held responsible for typographical or other errors in content. All information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

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