The Avera-Wierig House

The Woodson-Dekle House

Diane Williams Parker Revolving Fund


The Revolving Fund was established 1970 with the purchase of the Avera-Wierig and was named in 2004 following a gift by Mr. Thomas Lyle Williams, III, in honor of his sister. The Fund is actually a program of Landmarks, as opposed to a bank account. The Revolving Fund began with the purpose of acquiring endangered historic buildings to stabilize or rehabilitate and sell to preservation-minded owners, protecting them from demolition or neglect. 



Today, the Revolving Fund promotes sensitive rehabilitation of historically significant properties and provides for long-term protection.  Preservation easements are attached to the deeds to ensure that the historic integrity of each property is retained. 

Through The Revolving Fund, Landmarks has saved over fifty properties and holds easements on several more, including four in Tockwotton and sixteen in the South Love Street-Warren Avenue neighborhood. Those two neighborhood initiatives are rightly viewed as two of Landmarks’ biggest successes, setting the tone for the preservation of entire in-town neighborhoods.